Volunteer at the organic-inspired, self-sufficient farm family homestead homestay.

Escuchen La Invitación de Leonidas (click for audio only - 2007)

Listen to Leonidas's Invitation 

(Click here for Spanish and English transcription)

Guesthouse hosts Leonidas and Alicia

Leonidas and Alicia (photo 2007)

click to play video

Leonidas and Jose explain the guest program (June 2010)

Escuchen Lo Que Yasmina Dice de la Finca (click to listen to 2007 audio only)

Listen to Yasmina's Description of the Farm

(Click here for Spanish and English transcription of the wwoof like mini hostel hospedaje at the farm)

waterfall at abundance farm in nicaragua, perfect for guests and volunteers to cool off

Vengan con nostoros a nuestra cascada

Come to our waterfall with us (a rarity in arid Nicaragua)

sunset at the farm in nicaragua

Vengan a disfrutar el puesto del sol con nosotros

Come enjoy the sunset with us

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