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How to Get To Abundance Farm

You can sometimes get a motorcycle ride for 10 USD from Diriamba by calling Daniel at Nicaragua phone 83640519 or 589638640 (you must speak Spanish to talk to him). But most guests arrive by bus without problems following our simple directions:

PART I.  Get to Diriamba

This part is easy.  It will take you one to two hours from anywhere in southern Nicaragua.

If you are coming from Managua, you can get a bus from either "La UCA" or "Mercado Israel".  Any taxi will take you to either of these places for 25-50 cordobas (2 USD) from anywyere in Managua.  (80-100 cordobas from the airport). From La UCA or Mercado Israel, just take the bus that goes to Diriamba.  The bus may say something else ("Carazo" or "Jinotepe") - it's best simply to ask for the bus to Diriamba and the people will help you out.  The bus ride is about one hour. Get off in Diriamba at the market (el mercado).  The bus goes right by the market.

If you are coming from Costa Rica, Granada, Masaya, or Rivas, take the bus to Jinotepe.  If you are riding a TicaBus from Costa Rica to Managua, it goes right by Jinotepe and you can get off in Jinotepe.  If you are riding a TicaBus from Costa Rica to Granada, you can get off in Nandaime and take a local bus to Jinotepe.  From Jinotepe, take another bus the last 5km to Diriamba.  Get off in Diriamba at the market (el mercado).  The bus goes right by there.

If you're arriving from Leon, Esteli, Honduras, etc, first take a bus to Managua, then take the bus to Diriamba.

PART II.  Take the Bus from Diriamba to El Aguacate

This part is easy.  It will take you one to three hours, depending on how long you have to wait for the bus in Diriamba.

Abundance Farm is near Diriamba, Carazo. You will easily be able to find the market (mercado) in Diriamba on your own. The buses to the farm leave from the market. You will take a bus to "El Aguacate" which costs 9-10 cordobas. They leave about every two hours. It is important that you get a bus (or truck) to El Aguacate.  Not all these buses say El Aguacate.  Some do, some don't.  You'll have to ask around at the various buses until you find one that the driver says is headed to El Aguacate.  Sometimes a bus to El Aguacate just left, in which case you'll have to wait an hour or so before the next one arrives.  Don't get on any arbitrary bus just because the driver is friendly or the passengers are beautiful, because it might be the wrong bus and you might end up somewhere else.  You want the bus that leaves from the Diriamba market parking lot going to El Aguacate.  The bus ride takes between half an hour and an hour depending on road conditions.

PART III. Walk the Final Short Stretch to the Farm

This part is easy.  It will take you fifteen minutes.

You get off the bus just after El Aguacate, at the intersection "El Guasimo." The bus driver will help you to find the spot. You walk down the road, passing about ten houses and a stream before you arrive in the small village of Las Mercedes (about 700m).   (Sometimes, seeing your baggage, the bus driver will even drive you in to Las Mercedes and drop you off there without charge.)   Pass through Las Mercedes, and out the other side without getting off the main road.  Pass a tiny creek (sometimes dry), keep to your right on the main road, and continue 200m.  We live in the third house on the right side after the tiny creek.  The walk from the intersection "El Guasimo" to the farm is about 1km. If you get lost, ask for "El Gringo" or "Yasmina y Leonidas y Lycha y Pedro, que viven cerca de Chico Dia."  When you arrive, we'll take you to see and bathe in one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Nicaragua, just five minutes further along.

Here are a few pictures on the short walk.

Peter is standing in Las Mercedes, indicating that you should just keep going down the road.  You've already walked ten minutes from El Guasimo.  Less than five minutes to go.

Peter is prompting you to cross the tiny creek.


Just keep going on the same road...


A few steps more and you will be at our front gate...

This is a neighbor girl standing at our front gate. (Note, this gate is no longer in place as of June 2010.)