Working as a WWOOF-er, and Volunteering at Abundance Farm in Nicaragua



volunteer scott devine with wheelbarrow in nicaragua

Scott Devine During His Nine Months At Abundance Farm

Long-Term Guests are Welcome at the Farm

Long-term volunteers are welcome to stay at the farm, and if they wish, to design a special organic or permaculture project at the farm or in the local community. We are able to be flexible with a reduced room and board rate for guests after they have completed three to four weeks at the farm and make proportional contributions to the work at the farm. Often this equates to a work-exchange of six days in exchange for full-time work, but another popular arrangement is to reduce the daily financial contribution by two-thirds and work five days a week. The details have to be covered in person with Leonidas and Yasmina. Although it does help obviously to be fluent in Spanish to have a conversation like this, many guests with limited Spanish have done it successfully, and in fact it gives a great opportunity to practice.

Please see our page Volunteering at the Local School for information about working as a volunteer at the school. Volunteers who work primarily at the local school need to contribute financially to the farm (like short-term guests: 10 dollars per day), because the farm can only support alternative arrangements if the work is at the farm itself.

The farm is located convenient to Ometepe, Granada, Rivas, San Juan del Sur, Managua, and Granada -- ok for day-trips, but it would be too far to set up an external volunteer arrangement there. It might be possible to setup an external volunteer arrangement in Diriamba or Jinotepe, Carazo, but the easiest is to work directly at the farm or at the local school. The farm is further from Esteli and Leon, so day-trips are out of the question, but it is still less than a full days travel from any of these locations to plan your arrival or departure.

For more information about special projects at the farm, please write us at contact @ abundancefarm .com. Tell us where you found out about us, your interests and relevant experience, when you would like to come, and mention your Spanish ability. If you have a "special project" that you would like to do, please let us know. We answer all emails. If you do not receive an answer from us within two days, your email was removed out by our automatic spam filter and we did not read it, so please resend it.