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Gloria Geneva Christopher Sanchez 

Le gustò a la Gloria la visita de Pedro.

Gloria enjoyed Peter's visit.

Le gustò tomarse foto, y tambien jugar con su celular.

She enjoyed having her picture taken and playing with her cellular phone.

Le gustò ponerse ropa aun lo que no se quedò.

She enjoyed dressing up, even in clothes that did not fit her.

A la Gloria le encanta la sandilla.

Gloria loves watermelon.

Desde sus dientes salieron en Julio 2007, a ella le gusta masticar.

Since her teeth began to come in during July of 2007, she developed a biting fetish.

Ella va conmigo a dondequiera.

She goes with me everywhere.

Lo que mas le gusta es ayudar en el negocio principal de la familia, la venta de carbon.

Gloria especially loves helping in the family business, charcoal sales.

Le gusta tambien jugar muñeca.

She also likes playing around making puppet-faces.


El 9 de Diciembre 2006 nació nuestra hija Gloria. El 10 de Diciembre salimos del hospital. Su papa la chineó.

December 9, 2006 our daughter Gloria was born. The tenth we left the hospital. Here she was that day with her father Peter.


Pedro dice que es importante hacer ejercisio. Basta bostear para la niña, digo yo.

Peter says it is important to exercise. I think for the baby, yawning is enough.


La pongo ropa bonita.

I put nice clothes on her.


Cuanda Gloria se canse, se duerma.

When Gloria gets tired, she sleeps.