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Abundance Farm's

Scott Miguel Devine


Hi, I am Scott. You caught me in the middle of something here...


That something is pulping coffee.  Look at the beans come out!


What I am starting with was the beans, which I carried from the farm on the bus in a sack. Then I poured them in this pulping machine I bought a few weeks ago. Take a look at the unpulped beans in the hopper:


I just keep doing this for a very long time several days a week.  But let me tell you it is a lot faster than the first night when I tried to do it by hand, squeezing out the coffee between my fingers!


While I do this, I'm trying to figure out if I am going to break even this year in this crazy business venture.


I try to adjust the machine so none of the pulp comes through.  But this is impossible.


These are the knobs that are supposed to do the adjusting.  Too bad not every bean is the exact same size.


When some beans get stuck, I reach around the other side of the pulper and try to loosten them up by twisting as many knobs at possible all at once.  It usually helps, but I have to contort myself to pull off this maneuver.


Frankly, coffee is fine, and the camera is fascinating, but it is time for me to get to bed.

Tomorrow I am have to get up early to wash these beans and get them up on the roof to dry.


Then I'm headed back to the farm.

I have a bunch of work to do there.


Plus, I have some beans I cooked up that I want to eat.

Can you take over from here and clean up the machine?  This is what it looked like before I started this business.


If you clean it off really well tonight, I'll let you try tomorrow.