People At Abundance Farm 


La Familia en la Finca, Presentado Por Yasmina
The Family at the Farm As Presented By Yasmina

(Please note, the farm is now run by Leonidas and Alicia. It was first run by Peter, later by Yasmina, but now only by Leonidas and Alicia. Sometimes Yasmina is still at the farm, but your contact will be with Leonidas and Alicia. Most of these pictures below are several years old but serve to give the general idea of the farm.)

Gloria Geneva newborn Gloria Geneva
Leonidas, Alicia, Jose, and Chilo leonidas and alicia
peter christopher Peter(former resident)
Randy (former resident)  randy
turk The Turk (former employee)
Omar  (former  resident) omar
napoleon Napoleon (former employee)
Scott  (former  resident) scott


Some Pictures of Other People:


Melissa Troutman came for a visit.



Santo, a campesino who sometimes works for us, on typical campesino transport - mountain bike


 In the picture below, on the right with the baseball cap is Ismael, a local who taught us some costly lessons in our land purchase.  Ismael is also the owner of one of the local minibuses that we used to use.

campesinos at meeting


Attendees of the second local meeting of the Finca, November 19, 2004 (The previous week, we had 65 attendees but no camera.)  Present were 13 campesinos (standing), Scott Miguel (seated), and Peter (taking picture)

meeting guests



Here are some folks who have visited us recently.  Sara is taking notes at a meeting.  She took great notes.  Also note the beds we use in the background.


We love it when musicians come.



Here's Lauren.  "Oh, you wanted part of this?" she says.

lauren guest


Sorry, I already ate your part. Well, you can try and suck out what's left if you really want.

lauren guest 2


Here are two of the neighbor's girls.

neighbor girls

This is Maya.  She was a great worker if we ever saw one.

maya guest


Here's Peter's dad Peter.  He helped out with all kinds of things.  He and Maya were always speaking German.  They claimed Martin Luther had said, "Rurpset und furtzet und zeiget das euchs schmecket" or some such which we want to put up as a sign inside our dining area once we have one.


Rob did some great work painting inside.

rob guest

Rebecca said she was from Canada.  What do you think?

rebecca guest