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In the first year of Abundance Farm, I planned for a large population on a rural farm, including many permanent residents.  The steps I took included managing the construction of a new house, the renovation of an old one, the planting of thousands of high-quality forestry trees, the planting of hundreds of fruit trees, the planting of long-term permaculture-style crops of pithaya (dragon fruit), choyote, and the pruning of many dozens of existing fruit trees.

I have now sold that original farm.  I partnered with a local family and we now run Abundance Farm on their family homestead.  Abundance Farm has always been in flux, and we don't know whether we will still be in the same location a few years down the line, or in another location.

Over the history of Abundance Farm, we have had a handful of prospective permanent residents who lived with us from one month to almost a year.  Perhaps in the future you will come join us in this project. 

If you are serious about Nicaragua, see our information on Visiting and Living as a Foreigner in Nicaragua.

Feel free to contact me at contact @ abundancefarm .com to discuss being a permanent resident here.  I also encourage you to read the book with the original vision for the farm and join the internet yahoo group, both of which can be accessed through the Learn More page. 

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