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November 2005 Tour of Finca La Abundancia:

Starting our tour out in the fields, here is a section of posts we have put in. Behind the posts, we have also planted pinuela (a cactus). With the pinuela and the barbed wire (that we will string between the posts), neither cow nor mischievous person will dare to pass.


Here we have planted about 1500 high-quality lumber trees as well as 7000 firewood trees. This covers about five acres. We have designed the plantings very scientifically.


This is a long double row of cocos we have planted. Some day maybe it will be a road. There are over 300 coconut trees growing, that will be producing in about 3 years.


This is an experimental sugar cane planting. We planted two varieties of sugar cane, interplanted in parts with Jack Bean. Sugar Cane is a semi-permanent crop that keeps producing year after year in the same location (good for soil perservation). It is yummy and healthy to eat raw, great for cattle, and can be processed into a variety of treats.


This is a nancite tree. We planted over 200 fruit trees of dozens of varieties this year.


This is a planting of pithaya (dragon fruit). It is a cactus that will produce delicious fruit in 2-3 years. It is interplanted with avocado trees and papayas. Sorry all we have in this picture are pithaya plants.


Here we see a section of the plantain planting. We planted over 1000 plants in this family, including plantain (giant and dwarf) and many varieties of banana.


This is a corn planting, interplanted with beans. What a load of weeds! We harvested over 2000 pounds of beans and over 2000 pounds of corn in the first part of the rainy season.


Here is Wilfredo (a local worker) threshing black beans.


Now back near the house, we see Marco (a local carpenter) working on a new gate.


The new house is almost ready for occupation. Does anyone dare enter?


Maybe this will be the master bedroom...


Back outside, here is a small planting of papaya and rice near the house. The rice seed came from Auroville, a place in India that inspires much of Abundance Farm.


Here is the current kitchen at the farm.


The water system. It is always under modification. During the rainy season, there is little use of the well, but with the coming of the dry season, water comes from two hundred meters below the surface instead of from the sky.


Inside the staff house, this are the batteries and the sound system. On the roof is a solar panel (not pictured).