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Photo Tour: What Is Growing at Abundance Farm?


At Abundance Farm, you will find yuca and camote. Both these crops provide very nutritious greens as well as nutritious tubers. Camote is available in the local market, and you can plant old tubers that are starting to sprout. Yucca has quite a few varieties. Yasmina can sell you what you need to plant. She has a very good-tasting and productive variety growing at her farm.

Anyone should also follow Yasmina's example and plant moringa. A staple food in the Philippines, this is also the single best plant for fixing nitrogen (pounds of Nitrogen per area planted). Known as "miracle tree", you can harvest pods (containing seeds) from the sample tree outside the old US embassy in Managua, or you can buy seeds at a variety of places in jinotepe. One place, for instance, is just one block further south from hardware store near the bus station and gas stations, half a block towards the market. It's a NGO specializing in selling tree seeds.


leafy greens

The following leafy greens grow at any altitude in Nicaragua with little attention and are very healthy to eat:

1) katuk (cuttings available from Yasmina) 2) caliste (I'm not sure of spelling) - pronounced kaLEEtay - cuttings available from Yasmina and on many campesino's "solar" 3) camote greens (plant camote from local markets) 4) local espinaca varieties (Yasmina has cuttings as do many campesinos) 5) moringa / miracle tree (Yasmina has cuttings, or get seed from tree seed supply store) 6) You can also eat the leaves of the pepper plant, and the leaves of both red and green amaranth.

You may follow up to learn more about which plants to choose at the Central America Forum page on plants for garden in Nicaragua.



The following pictures are all from the former farm, not the new farm. For newer pictures, see the Photo Tours.

Our professionally-roasted and packed coffee from 2004, 2005, & 2006, with our own label (As of 2007, we no longer have the coffee growing on our own property, however, as we moved to a different farm.)





Lemon, Sweet Lime, Nancite





Not Pictured: Millet, Corn, Watermelon, Tomatoes, Peanuts, Avocado, Mamey, Cashew, Tangerine, Mandarin, Jocote, Plantains, and more

Controversial Photo: What is This????  (Page Down For Answer)







ANSWER: This is a photo of leaf-cutter ants harvesting tiny mango leaves. It is controversial because we don't want this crop harvested, and it is their favorite.